Zumba your butt off


Hips Don\’t Lie by Shakira and Danzig

Today I went to my first Colvin Center class for this blog. This class was Zumba and it’s exactly like it sounds. It has somewhat of a Latin vibe and definitely involves shaking your butt off. This class is perfect if you are willing to do cardio but you aren’t too thrilled about getting on a treadmill or an elliptical. Those machines can be so mundane.

This class gets you moving. You and the class get to make a fool of yourself.  Two and half hours later and my legs are already sore; so it’s working! The instructor was fun and encouraged you to REALLY SHAKE IT and even make WHOO sounds. I won’t lie, the moves were a little difficult to keep up with on certain songs but she does the routines multiple times; enough for you to get the hang of it and feel confident as well as working out.

This whole point of my blog is to get me and other people out of their comfort zone and into something different. The instructor brought belly dancing chains to wear. This was completely optional; they are supposed to get you into the spirit of the class. I am really shy so normally I wouldn’t go near one of those hip accessories. But before I went to the class I told myself that regardless I was going break out of my shell, so I wore one. From firsthand experience, it really makes the dancing more enjoyable and you feel sexy doing it.

I was seriously nervous about going to a class by myself not knowing anyone. I was then relieved. The other girls in the class were so nice! Those that had been there before told me what to expect. There were even some first timers just like me.

I would recommend this class for anyone that is ready to get off the exercise bike and into something fun.


About ryliealexandra

I'm Rylie. The purpose of this blog is let my readers know and get a feel for the Colvin Center classes that Oklahoma State University has to offer. For the next four weeks I will be attending classes and blogging about it. I want my readers to know what they are getting themselves into when signing up for their FIT pass and taking on a Butts and Guts shape up class that will make you sweat buckets. Also, not a lot of students are aware of what the Colvin has to offer aside from your traditional treadmill and weight room. There is more than one way to get in shape and stay fit!
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3 Responses to Zumba your butt off

  1. maggiefair90 says:

    I went to my first Zumba class last weekend and I LOVED it! I wasn’t so brave as to grab a skirt, but I did allow myself to let loose and have fun! My instructor told us at the beginning of the class it was up to us whether we had a good time, and she was so right. I also went to the class by myself and was a little nervous beforehand, but I just followed the instructor and danced and did the best I could. I think Zumba is a great wa to let loose, have fun and feel sexy. I had so much fun and I’ll definitely be going to more Zumba classes in the future!

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  3. Dr. BK says:

    Fun and conversational blog post! Good stuff. Be sure to proofread, and remember people are who not that. I’m concerned about the photos; are they copyrighted to someone else?

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